About Mon


Mon is an Indian abolitionist designer, writer, and artist living on ancestral Canarsee land also known as New York City. 
Her work focuses on national and local jail moratoriums, supporting an end to caste apartheid, anti-surveillance obfuscation practices, and building intergenerational, interclass organizing capacity for abolitionist work in the so called US and beyond.

Longer Bio:
As a designer, she has primarily worked with nonprofit and grassroots collaborators, from NYC based projection group the Illuminator to the Me Too Mvmt. She is known for her co-authorship of 8 to Abolition, a response to reformist tactics to end policing, incarceration, and completely delegitimize the carceral state. She is currently a Building Community Power Fellow at Community Justice Exchange, focusing on the National No New Jails Network.

Mon’s art practice seeks to merge abolitionist worldbuilding with creative play -- to see tools like drawing, zines, weaving, painting, murder mysteries, quilts, crafting, paper art, poetry, and more as capable of teaching us about the world we hope to create together and the one we’re leaving behind. 

The video on the home page is by “Go the Fork to Sleep” on Youtube.
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